Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Paint in the Bugs

Paint in the Bugs (PITB) is my second entry to the iPhone App Store. It is a simple shoot em up game, however, it requires some color coordination in the order. The game begins with you received a letter from a museum curator....

Dear friend,

My name is Jacques Von Maelstrom. I’m the Curator of The Lovure Museum (I misspell the name of the museum purposely, just in case of infringement). Currently, the Museum is experiencing an unforeseen matter, that we are seeking all experts in the field to help us. Through my network of friends, your name came up numerous times. Hence, I’m writing this letter to you. Perhaps, you are whom the field claims and able
to give us a hand.

Just to briefly describe our matter; there seems to be some weird insects consuming and damaged many of the Museum’s paintings. The havoc has cost the Museum great deal of fortune. To make the matter worse, there are sightings of these insects in the Salon CarrĂ© where painting like the Mona Lisa, Lake of Galilee exhibit.

What we’ve learned about these insects so far is that, they can only be terminated by color paint. However, it isn’t quite that simple. There seems to be some color matching combination in the order.

My friend, this is a great disaster to human history if these insects aren’t stopped. I urge you visit the Museum at your earliest convenience and help us extinguish these insects once and for good.


Jacques Von Maelstrom
Curator of The Lovure Museum.

After you finished reading the letter, the game starts. Below are the screenshots from the game:

PITB has multiple levels and it should take you few weeks to complete. Like my previous game, all mobs are generated randomly, so there will be no pattern to master.

I hope my second addition to the App Store will bring you weeks of fun.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get Out! - My first IPhone game

Get Out! is a simple maze game where you need to find the key and exit. There are monsters, I call them unknown, roaming in the maze to stop you from doing just that. Unlike other maze game you have played, there is no weapon system nor power up pill in the game. You are basically defendless! All you can do is make your every move cautiously and find both objectives before you get caught. There are two rangefinders in the game to assist you locating the objectives, but don't depend on them 100%.

Navigation is simple, just tap the four sides of the screen to go up, down, left and right. The view is scrollable and accept pinch and zoom gestures.

Get Out has multiple levels of difficulty, basically the size of the map. Since the maps are generated dynamically, very slight chance you will play the same map over. The game gets more difficult, more monsters get spawned, as you progress. Every move counts! So, Get Out! as fast and cautious as you can.

I hope Get Out! will bring fun while you are on the train or when your fingers need some exercise.